Seized 2/19/14-Chained and Starved *Donations Needed*

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Thomasville Animal Control Officer Candace Lewis was responding to an animal welfare check on 2/19/14 where she found 2 dogs chained, starving and in need of help. The tan female (Daisy) quickly grabbed her empty bowl when she saw officer Lewis approaching and brought it to her. She kept pawing and nudging at the bowl hoping that Officer Lewis would put something in it for her to eat or drink. Neither Roscoe nor Daisy had food or water and both were hungry and thirsty. Officer Lewis obtained a seizure warrant, called us for help and brought the 2 dogs into Davidson Animal Hospital to get them the help they needed.

At the animal hospital Roscoe and Daisy were immediately fed and given water. They were quickly going back and forth between the water and the food. Their thirst and hunger was the same. Dr. Hedrick gave them a full exam- Both dogs were dehydrated and emaciated. They each had fleas, hookworms, and both have tested positive for Heartworms.

Daisy was aged around 4 yrs old. She had fur loss around her neck, above her nose, scarring on her eye, pressure soars on her hind and legs. Her collar was exceptionally loose and you could tell just how big she once was.

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Roscoe was aged around 6-7 yrs old possibly older. He has scaring on his ears most likely from fly bites and he also has a pressure soar on his hind. One of his eyes has cataracts and he has already stared to grey under his chin.

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Both Roscoe and Daisy were vaccinated, they have began their de-worming cycle and are being fed frequent nutritional meals to help them gain their weight back. They are very sweet and so happy to be the center of attention. They will need to be spay/neutered when they are deemed healthy enough to undergo surgery and they will also need to be treated for Heartworms.

Donations are greatly needed to cover their medical cost and board. No amount is too small and every penny goes directly towards the animals care. Donations can be made online by clicking the donate button at the top right of this screen or by mail to: Ginger’s Fund FOS-DCNC, PO Box 1036, Thomasville, NC 27361. As always thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without you!  *Ginger’s Fund FOS-DCNC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donations are tax deductible.

Placement will also be needed for these 2 once they are medically released. Email us at if you can help (foster, adopt or reputable rescue placement).

**Will post all charges on our “Ginger’s Fund” Facebook page as they become available to us**