14 Week Old Puppy-Missing Hind Paws

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Thomasville Animal Control Officer Candace Lewis found this little guy wandering around a vacant property in Thomasville in desperate need of help shortly before 6pm on 11/17/14. He was very hungry, had no collar and he was missing most of his left hind paw and his right hind leg was also missing from a little way past his knee down. He was still walking the best he could on all fours and no one in the area knew who he was or where he came from. She gave him some food, called us for help and brought him into Davidson Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Hedrick and his amazing staff was standing by waiting for his arrival. He is estimated to be right at 14 weeks old, he weighs 19 lbs and his belly is swollen (likely due to the large amount of hook and whipworms found during his fecal test). How his hind legs ended up like this is still a mystery. It is possible that it is a congenital defect, they could have been cut off or sustained some sort of major injury early in his life, or something could have become tangled around them resulting in necrosis. One thing is for sure, this did not happen fairly recently because scar tissue has already developed.


We are working on a name for this little guy but in the meantime he needs lots of love sent his way. We are unsure at this point exactly what options he has for his hind legs. Dr. Hedrick has some ideas and after further exams we will know what options will be best for him.

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If you can help, donations are greatly needed for his medical care, test, treatment(s), recovery, neuter and to get him safely walking on all fours without injuring his pelvis. Donations can be made online through the intake link at the top of this page, through our FB homepage or by mail to: Ginger’s Fund, PO Box 1036, Thomasville, NC 27361. Ginger’s Fund FOS-DCNC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donations are tax deductible.