6 Rescued by Thomasville AC & PD

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is it illegal to buy viagra online Thomasville animal control officer Candace Lewis was responding to an animal welfare call where she found 3 dogs, one with three puppies, on heavy chains, cold and hungry. Their former “owner” was arrested at the scene by the TPD, taken into custody and was placed under a $5,000 bond. Officer Lewis then headed to Davidson Animal Hospital (DAH) where the staff was waiting to check over everyone and get them warm and settled in. We have named them Destiny, Ally, and Cheyenne.

Destiny has three 18 day old pups, 2 females and 1 male (working on names). They were very cold when taken from the scene but Officer Lewis did a great job keeping them warm on transport and their body tempture was up upon arrival at DAH. The puppies are in good shape, their mom has taken great care of them which has played a toll on her body depleting her nutrients as she has struggled to feed her pups without any food of her own.



Destiny is very underweight and is being fed frequent high nutritious meals to help her gain weight and be able to produce enough milk to keeps her pups healthy. She was loaded with worms and is a low Heartworm Positive. She has been estimated to be around 2.5 yrs old.


Ally has been estimated to be around 3 yrs old. She is also underwieght and loaded with intestinal parasities. Ally has tested Heartworm Negative and is being fed small frequent meals to help her regain her health and weight.



Cheyenne has been estimated to be around 4 yrs old. She is very underwieght, has intestinal parasites and has injury to her left ear (superficial wound). Cheyenne also tested Heartworm Negative and is being fed small frequent meals to help her regain her health and weight.



All 3 dogs have began their treatment and the pups are being closely monitored to be sure they are also getting the nutrition they need. Everyone is in need of a foster home, Destiny and her pups need a foster first and foremost. Puppies are very susceptible to contracting all sorts of things at this age so, the animal hospital where so many sick animals come in for treatment is a dangerous place for babies of this age. If you would like to foster Destiny and her pups, Ally or Cheyenne please go to http://docs.com/192OV to download a foster application. Completed applications can be sent in to GingersFund@live.com

If you can help by donating towards their care it would be greatly appreciated as donations are greatly needed. Donations can be made online by clicking the donate button on this page, through our FB homepage or by mail to: Ginger’s Fund, PO Box 1036, Thomasville, NC 27361. Ginger’s Fund FOS-DCNC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support <3