Leg rotting off due to severe matting

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http://industrialhvacrservice.com/sg_blog_content/blog/feed.php?uniq=5a965efcaae3c If anyone knows the person/persons that dropped this dog on Fleet Darr Road in Thomasville this morning PLEASE contact County Animal Control NOW!!! 336-249-0131 

finpecia buy uk Dog has been neglected – and his leg  rotting off due to severe matting. A citizen saw the car that put him/her out on the road but could not get the tag number.

Medical Info:

6 lbs 10 oz (Mats and All)
Approx. age 10 years
Leg rotting off and joint is fixed in raised position due to severe matting
Fleas/TONS of live tapeworm segments found in the layers upon layers of mats that completely covered his rectum.

This dog was DUMPED this morning. He may not survive this neglect. He is severely anemic and does not have enough blood in his little body to sedate him for shaving. Prayers please.

Estimated cost just at the moment for trying to get him stable is around $2500. Donations can be made online by clicking on the donate button on this page or directly to Davidson Animal Hospital 336-249-7078 (tell them it is for “Hero”). https://www.facebook.com/ReadyforAdoption/videos/1027244914000519/

Please keep this little guy in your thoughts and prayers. Dr. Hedrick has loaded him up with Iron and he is currently in ICU.




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