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source link Abuse is difficult to understand. Impossible to wrap your mind around. Do you understand abuse? We struggle to understand it as well.

Despite our love for animals, there is an alarming level of cruelty in this world. As a humane and good society we have a moral obligation to deal with the aftermath of abuse. It takes one person to do the unthinkable and a community to heal the affected soul.

There are three phases to deal with the aftermath of abuse in the animal lives.

  •  Immediate Medical Care
  •  Rehabilitation
  •  Adoption

We are finding our greatest need lies between Rehabilitation and Adoption. Rehabilitation has many aspects, both physical and mental ranging from regaining mobility to learning how to thrive in a social structure. Rehabilitation is key and it takes time before the third stage, adoption, can be accomplished.

Without rehabilitation the animal is not prepared for success in their new home. We feel we can better serve the victims of abuse with the aid of the facility of our own. The animals must learn many key components to aid them in their lives with enrichment exercises aimed at focusing on the physical and mental therapy they specifically need to get them balanced, confident and on the road to acquiring the ultimate goal- Adoption.

Due to this ever increasing need, we know that the best way that we can help in the aftermath of abuse is through a Rehabilitation and Adoption Center catered to effectively combat the aftermath of abuse. Through rehabilitation programs catered to individual needs we can set up the animals for success but, we need your help…

This is a community effort and we hope that you will embark on this journey with us.

Visit our fundraising campaign page at and join our team. Thank you for your support!