Ginger’s Fund

Who is “Ginger”? source ginger

On December 31, 2011 the Lexington Police Department (LPD) was responding to a non-animal related call when they noticed two chained, deceased Rottweilers in a neighboring yard. They went over, knocked on the door and found a third dog inside in desperate need of help. We named her Ginger.

The Rottweiler’s died of starvation and Ginger was not far behind their fate. Due to her condition, she was at Davidson Animal Hospital for a few weeks and spent 3 months recovering in a foster home. Ginger pulled through and now has only physical scars left to tell her story. 

Ginger was adopted by her foster mom Debbie. She now enjoys living the wonderful life of a happy, loved, spoiled family member…something she should have experienced all along.

There is now hope for the victims of cruelty and neglect and it all started with Ginger.

go to site Ginger’s former owner was arrested and charged with Felony Animal Cruelty

Ginger’s Fund ProgramRooney 1

The Ginger’s Fund program was established to help the victims of cruelty and neglect. Prior to “Ginger’s Fund” animals seized in cruelty/neglect cases were euthanized due to the cost involved and no where to go other than the animal shelter. The authorities wanted to see this change so they asked for help and “Ginger’s Fund” began to emerge.

Our goal is to help the animals in need, get them healthy, spayed/neutered, and placed into homes or with reputable rescue groups. The animals are the victims in these cases, we are dedicated to making sure their former owners are tried and prosecuted and that the animals all go into wonderful homes where they will never have to worry about being hungry, beaten, thirsty, or out in the elements all alone without any protection ever again.

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We also believe that public education on proper animal care is essential. We teach a bi-monthly Responsible Pet Care class that animal offenders are court ordered to take- violations range from leash laws violations tocruelty cases. We teach basic pet care and we have guest speakers that come in to go over the local & state animal welfare laws along with educating the offenders on programs available to them in case they need help with their pets in the future.